MON-A07: Demystifying Technology: How Landscape Architects and Clients Are Making Smarter Parks

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Learn how new hardware and software technologies are helping landscape architects innovate in the planning, design, and post occupancy assessment of parks and public spaces. In this session you will see case studies from Sasaki, Soofa, a start-up from MIT’s Media Lab, and the Park District of Oak Park, IL.
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Technology / CADD / GIS
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Learn what new technology currently exists in the market, both in hardware and software, and how landscape architects and clients are working together to deploy it in outdoor public spaces.
Understand the challenges in bringing new technology to parks and public spaces and how to overcome them.
Gain insight into how landscape architects can effectively collaborate with technology companies, and why such collaboration is valuable in the current era of smart cities and data driven decision-making.
Learn directly from a public sector client where landscape architects can add value in helping make smarter parks and public spaces and where there is room for improvement.
Eamonn HuttonEdward KrafcikBobbi Nance
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