FRI-D05: Investing Water during a Drought: Sustainable Green Infrastructure for Dry Climates

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Addressing demands for environmental justice usually requires "greening" of our cities. Desert cities face the contradiction of providing green infrastructure without increasing water consumption. This requires innovation and reconsideration of how we define, collect, clean, and store water, and where and how it is used.
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Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Define the issues relating to park poverty and providing green infrastructure in developed cities in dry climates, including policy challenges, funding, and design innovation.
Identify a range of solutions to addressing park poverty and providing green space amenities in dry climates, and be able to articulate both their strengths and weaknesses.
Understand the potential of linear urban corridors such as roads, channelized streams, utility corridors, transportation corridors, and excess road widths and stormwater management for the creation/design of green infrastructure.
Understand the principles behind a “One Water” approach to solving drought issues with alternative water sources, including use of dry weather flows, stormwater, recycled water, graywater, and blackwater.
Joan Cardellino; Deborah Deets; Lee-Anne Milburn
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