FRI-C04: Capturing Value: Evolving Ideas on Sustainability and How to Measure the Benefits

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Demand for projects to deliver ecological, financial, and social benefits is peaking with clients looking for measurable results demonstrating the value of their investment. Case studies will highlight emerging methods and technology for data collection, analysis, and incorporating performance metrics to evaluate a project’s success in achieving its sustainability goals.
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Define the state of sustainability in the design industry and consider the complex factors contributing to a truly “sustainable” project, including resource management, ecological resiliency, financial benefit, and cultural value.
Identify the market drivers that are currently making issues of sustainability more prevalent on projects.
Identify results that clients are increasingly demanding from high-performance landscape design and the challenges of measuring this data.
Share diverse strategies and tools employed by SWA, Sherwood, and Autocase for tracking and analyzing performance metrics and achieving sustainability goals.
Justin Winters; John Leys; John Williams
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