FRI-B08: Lessons from the Front Lines of Drought and Climate Change: Radical Water Conservation

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California landscape architects are becoming experts in designing for drought conditions. As climate change increases the odds of drought in many regions of the United States and the world, lessons from California can be applied nationwide. This session presents state-of-the-art approaches from regulatory, scientific, and design perspectives.
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Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
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Understand what regulatory tools are available to advance water conservation in landscape design. Understand the limits of regulation, the process of developing regulation, stakeholder input, and compromises.
Understand potential horticultural responses to limiting water use, including anticipating salinity from reclaimed water, anticipating a new climate regime, designing soils for water conservation, and establishing a nonirrigated landscape.
Understand the potential to integrate systems for water conservation, including graywater and blackwater from MEP systems and advanced irrigation technologies.
Learn lessons related to design and client expectations: the potential pitfalls of low-water and nonirrigated landscapes, the aesthetic implications, and maintenance considerations.
Jacob Tobias; Julie Saare-Edmonds; Nelda Matheny
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