SUN-A11: Evidence-based Design: Sensory Play Gardens and Children with Developmental Disorders

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More than just play, children with developmental disorders benefit from strategically designed sensory playgrounds and sensory gardens. This study evaluated the outcomes of outdoor play using a multiple baseline research design. The lessons are applicable to future sensory gardens and play areas within broad fields of architecture and landscape architecture.
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Overview evidence-based design research working with children who have developmental disorders in the context of a sensory garden/playground.
Define sensory processing disorders showing treatment in our sensory garden/playground at STAR Center in Denver, CO.
Identify elements of landscape design based on research data that facilitate self-regulation and social participation for all children and contribute to a quality life experience.
Discuss research findings which go beyond playground design and have implications for architecture and landscape architecture in general.
John McConkey, ASLA, Landscape Structures; Lucy Miller, SPD Foundation and STAR Center (Sensory Therapies and Research)
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