MON-B02: Accessible Design as Good Design: A Conversation from the Field

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Landscape architects and their clients often worry that accessibility requirements will compromise design quality and water down otherwise cutting-edge projects. Join a landscape architect, an urban strategist, and a disability-rights advocate in a panel discussion as they share successes and bemoan compromises on both sides of the conversation.
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Accessibility / ADA
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Identify the basic principles of Universal Design as applied in urban landscape architecture.
Learn specific design choices relative to accessibility and Universal Design for “special” populations, and how they can be of benefit in all design contexts.
Learn about global approaches to the design of streets and public spaces from a “complete streets” perspective.
Understand the “carrots” and “sticks” of the regulatory environment and disability rights advocacy, and how both benefit the public at large.
Sean Sanger, ASLA, Copley Wolff Design Group; Barbara Knecht, Strategies for Cities; Josh Safdie, Assoc. AIA, Kessler McGuinness & Associates; Stuart Seaborn, Disability Rights Advocates
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