MON-A07: Helping Communities Activate Vacant Land

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Managing vacant land has become an issue for older cities, while community gardening, urban agriculture, and DIY open spaces have become increasingly popular. Review what Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Cleveland are doing to remove barriers to allow individuals and communities to have a stake in activating vacant land.
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Agriculture / Local Food Production
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Participants will understand the scale and challenges that large cities face in dealing with vacant land.
Participants will understand policy recommendations that will help cities improve access to vacant land for community members and groups.
Participants will understand how cities have created tools for community members to improve access to vacant land.
Participants will understand how design of vacant land projects can improve their communities and fight blight.
Dominique Davison, AIA, LEED AP, DRAW Architecture + Urban Design LLC; Zakcq Lockrem, AICP, Asakura Robinson; Josh Lippert, ASLA, City of Pittsburgh - Department of City Planning; Wayne Mortensen, AIA, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress
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