SUN-A02: Inside the LA Studio with Spurlock Poirier

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SPLA combines deep understanding of southern California regional ecologies—urban, natural, and political— with deep analysis, research, and design rigor. Over three decades they’ve created transformative, restorative landscapes that embrace the paradoxes of the contemporary west and connect people, communities, and environments. Principals will discuss the firm’s influences, evolution and design approach, including the practice of taking the long view.
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Hear how the dynamics of working on a wide variety of public realm project types and scales has shaped the firm’s practice.
Understand the rewards and challenges of a resource-based approach to design including large scale and/or long term design frameworks.
Explore a cross-section of urban infill projects within the context of the suburban southwest.
Learn about embracing the constraints of the coastal desert environment.
Marty Poirier, FASLA, Spurlock Poirier Landscape Architects; Andrew Spurlock, FASLA, Spurlock Poirier Landscape Architects; Leigh Kyle, ASLA, Spurlock Poirier Landscape Architects
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