SAT-A09: The Innovative Use of Metal and Stone in the Contemporary Landscape

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Three design innovators share their cumulative experience working with metal and stone in the landscape. Through case studies, they elaborate on specific techniques, approaches, and inspirations throughout the design process. This detailed journey from concept through fabrication and installation illuminates the many complex and creative pathways to contemporary landscape design.
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Discover techniques and approaches for creating avant-garde metal/stone installations and details with the landscape.
Learn collaborative methods used with clients, designers and contractors in regards to metal/stone design as well as processes to create complex details through 3D modeling and representation for innovative fabrication.
Understand the challenges and successes from detailed case studies of a variety of metal/stone applications.
Gain insight on how these new approaches can influence the future of landscape infrastructure.
Mikyoung Kim, FASLA, Mikyoung Kim Design; Kathryn Gustafson, ASLA, Gustafson Guthrie Nichol; Shane Coen, FASLA, Coen + Partners
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