SAT-A06: Amending Site Soils to Enhance Infiltration on Compacted Urban Sites

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City-soil compaction is a major problem for landscape architects. New research shows exactly how to amend physical, chemical, and biological soil properties to achieve high infiltration rates so that entire landscapes becomes a stormwater system that prevents runoff by absorbing water from impervious areas.
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Learn how to amend compacted acidic subsoils to greatly increase the infiltration rates, reduce the runoff rates, improve water quality, and improve the deep rooting of plants.
Learn how different compost amendments affects the infiltration, density, porosity of subsoils, and tree rooting in the Midwest on compacted glacial soils.
Learn how to amend compacted alkaline subsoils to greatly increase infiltration rates, reduce runoff rates, improve water quality, and landscape plantings.
Learn by contrasting the three methods by the panel discussion and through questions by the audience.
Bryant Scharenbroch, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point; Barrett Kays, FASLA, Landis, PLLC; Jeffrey Bruce, FASLA, J.L. Bruce & Company
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