SAT-A02: Inside the LA Studio with Hollander Design

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Edmund Hollander Landscape Architects has been involved with environmental planning and design projects covering a wide range of scales for 20 years. Each project focuses attention on detailed design and environmental appropriateness encompassing, wherever possible, elements of the native or vernacular landscape. Hollander Design utilizes a combination of landscape architectural, horticultural, and ecological talents to develop creative solutions to design problems.
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Explore the ways in which Hollander Design harbors a successful collaborative design process by working effectively with allied design professionals.
Learn about the diversity of single-family residential landscapes and gain insight into the various design opportunities available in single-family, private residential landscapes.
Understand how Holladner Design integrates sustainable practices within traditional landscape typologies, and identify ways which sustainable practices have been integrated successfully into traditional style landscapes.
Learn about the impact of climate change on the classification of native species, evaluating how climate change has impacted the success of plant species which have generally been considered native in various regions, and looking ahead in planting design on how to create ecologically responsible landscape with non-native species.
Edmund Hollander, FASLA, Hollander Design; Stephen Eich, ASLA, LEED AP, Hollander Design; Melissa Reavis, ASLA, Hollander Design; Marjorie Salcedo, Hollander Design; Geoffrey Valentino, Hollander Design
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