Outdoor Amenity Space Surfacing Materials and Systems

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Over the past few decades, exterior building spaces and roofs have significantly transformed from utilitarian ballasted roof systems to roof systems with highly programmed, environmentally conscious, people-friendly amenities that promote healthier lifestyles. A variety of products and materials can be utilized in the design and construction of roof gardens and decks. This course will review the construction of basic types of roof systems, as well as the range of hardscaping products that are available to designers.
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Green Roofs
Urban Planning & Design
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Identify key sustainability criteria (SITES® and LEED® rating systems) for roof decking systems and outdoor amenity spaces and discuss how the arrangement of hardscape and planting on the roof deck can achieve a harmonious connection to the interior building amenities.
Review the basic types of roof systems and evaluate the materials used in roof deck design in terms of their structural performance, durability, and sustainability.
Explain the evolution of roof ballast systems to outdoor amenity spaces and discuss how these areas can benefit the environment and human health and well-being.
Examine the available customization options for concrete tiles and slabs on roof decks and outdoor amenity spaces.

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