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This course provides the reader with a comprehensive view of the problems and solutions surrounding the use of urban sidewalks adjacent to trees. An emphasis is placed on the planning process, site condition evaluation and proper tree selection. The course goes on to look at the various materials and construction techniques currently in use and being studied to address this problem on existing tree/sidewalk conflicts. Alternative materials and designs are discussed as well as techniques of manipulating the tree versus those of manipulating the sidewalk. Finally the advantages and dis-advantages of the different techniques are explained.
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Horticulture / Plants
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Learning Outcomes
1.Learn the importance of analyzing and understanding the important aspects of planning for the proper siting of trees and sidewalks to minimize future conflicts.
2.Come away with a better understanding of the many types of conflicts and situations that need to be addressed in designing for street trees and sidewalks to co-exist.
3.Gain a better understanding of the different types of pavement (hard and flexible) that can be used and their comparison with one another will result from reading these articles.
4.Be provided with the tools to offer clients more alternatives and better ways to mitigate and avoid sidewalk/tree conflicts.
Len Phillips and R W Gibney editors with sources cited
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GCE: 6-1602

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