Thriving in Disaster

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Disasters happen and are an unfortunate but inevitable part of a garden’s history and evolution. Our gardens, whether we like it or not, are subject to the whims of nature. A spate of recent disasters have underscored the importance of an institution’s proactive response to sudden and drastic upheavals caused by natural events. A garden met with the chaos caused by a disaster must be ready to rise to the challenge with an organized and collaborative, easily implemented, and sustained effort. A timely and effective response cannot be created on a whim. It requires intense and thoughtful planning well ahead of time.
To create preparative and responsive disaster plans that include all of a garden’s operations can be daunting, and requires shining a bright light on all of an institution’s vulnerabilities. However, with extreme weather events on the rise, public gardens are beginning to realize the importance of being prepared.
In this session, learn how gardens prepare for and respond to natural disasters, learn how you can be properly insured and financially prepared, and see how each garden used these occurrences to better ensure their gardens are storm ready.
Anaheim, CA
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Attendees will learn 1) how to create preparative and responsive disaster plans that include all of a garden’s operations, 2) how to ensure your landscape is properly insured and financially prepared when disasters strike, 3) how to establish safety protocols and ensure landscape professionals are prepared when disasters strike.
1) Ian Simpkins holds a B.S. in Horticulture from NC State University, and his tenure in horticulture extends more than 20 years. He is Deputy Director for Horticulture and Urban Agriculture at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, where he responsible for developin
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