Invasive Insect Species: New, Destructive, and Challenging

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Recently, the introduction of new invasive pests into the United States has been largely increasing. In the past 10 years, the gardens of Southern California (and around the country) have been forced to develop novel control methods for a multitude of new and potentially destructive invasive species. From public gardens to the home garden, and from California to Florida, invasive species have truly become a challenging and destructive problem everywhere. Effective pest control will only become more difficult as the number and types of these pests increase. However, one need not stave off this attack alone.

In this session, participants will learn about the latest developments in new pests and the processes used to control them. By offering examples from their own recent work, panel members will highlight successful methodologies for approaching significant invasive pest species as they help audience members discover how those methods may be applied in their own organizations. To underscore the importance of this session, significant attention will be paid to the shot hole borer-fusarium dieback complex, as panel members deliver updates from recent research trials, successes, failures, and the financial impacts of fighting one such new, destructive, and challenging pest.
Anaheim, CA
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Attendees will learn 1) recent research trials, successes, failures, and the financial impacts of fighting pests, 2) new plant protection methods and techniques to avoid invasive pests from spreading, 3) how to design a landscape keeping in mind new invasive pests and their impacts to the health of plants and their establishment.
1) Steve Shepherd – Pest control manager at the Disneyland Resort – Steve leads both the structural and ornamental pest management programs at the Resort. His long background in structural pest management has helped create innovative trials for invasive sh
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