Public Gardens 2.0: Opportunities for Gardens as Cultural Placemakers

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Botanical institutions have tremendous opportunities to serve their visitors and local communities as cultural incubators. Acting as cultural placemakers, public gardens can make significant contributions to community engagement and development, as well as have positive impacts on garden visitation and program enrollment, through the adoption of cultural tourism-based economics, art and performance interpretation, and other cultural economy-of-place approaches. Exchanging a purely horticulture-centric perspective for a culture-centric perspective, one which includes horticulture as a part, will require public gardens learn to integrate tourism and cultural economy information into their core horticultural missions. Much can be learned by examining public park and museum operations, and the successes these sectors have had in creating a balanced and integrated approach to cultural activities and horticultural operations within their institutions. This panel will present case studies on the integration of artistic and horticultural interpretation from the public park and museum sectors, as well as highlight examples of a public garden that has adopted this cultural placemaking approach. Ample time will be provided for audience discussion and questions.
Anaheim, CA
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Attendees will learn 1) apporaches to integrating artistic, cultural, and horticultural interpretation, 2) lessons learned from the public park and museum sectors in applying these approaches, 3) ways to adopt tourism and cultural activites to core horticultural missions/plans.
1) Dr. Scott Stewart serves as the Executive Director of Millennium Park Foundation and is deeply passionate about the value and role of public space. His goal: create free, open, and representative cultural experiences for people in public spaces of artis
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