Introduction to the ISI Envision Rating System (RV-11048AW)

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The Institute for Sustainability's Envision rating system for civil infrastructure is quickly being adopted by public agencies for use in ranking organizational projects according to sustainable principles recognition and fulfillment during the design and planning stages. The Envision rating system is backed by three major national organizations responsible for the vast majority of US civil infrastructure: APWA, ACEC and ASCE. This puts it squarely in the mainstream of thinking within the engineering community about future infrastructure needs. Envision is a relatively new initiative, but early indications are that it will gain wide acceptance as the national standard for assessing sustainability attained on civil infrastructure projects. This interactive online course will introduce you to the Envision Rating system and how it can help you organize your project in the sustainability realm. This course also lists the requirements on how to become an accredited Envision Sustainability Professional, Verifier, Trainer, or ISI member.
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•Recognize the sustainability goals of Envision that promote the health and well-being of the public, along with how to use and implement its "no charge" toolsets.
•Describe how Envision meets the Triple Bottom Line of sustainability and how its guidance manual directs the conversation to include sustainable principles and design that are essential to the welfare and acceptable quality of life for citizens.
•Navigate ISI's website and be able to find the resources necessary to initially rate an infrastructure project's design and learn about other successful projects that have had a positive impact on the community.
•List the requirements to become accredited Envision Sustainability Professionals, Verifiers, Trainers, and ISI members.
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