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This course provides the reader with a comprehensive description of tree pruning starting with reasons for pruning, the benefits of pruning and the role of pruning in tree maintenance. Proper pruning cuts are explained along with the proper timing of pruning based on tree species, tree age and seasons. The different techniques of pruning are defined and the important concept of Structural Pruning is discussed. Pruning objectives are defined with proper terminology. Compartmentalization is explained. Important issues about Municipal Pruning options provide the landscape architect with definitions and a narrative concerning municipal decisions concerning proper pruning of trees for long term health. A final discussion of pruning near utility lines offers the LA important considerations regarding this practice.
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Horticulture / Plants
Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1.Readers will learn the terminology and definitions in the field of tree pruning.
2.Landscape architects will come away with a better understanding of a tree’s needs and how this can be used to work with arborists, explain to their clients and provide better specifications.
3.A thorough understanding of tree structure and the differences between different species with regard to proper pruning techniques will give the LA confidence in this specialized field.
4.Most importantly, this article provides the landscape architect with a strong grasp of the importance of proper pruning for the long term health of trees in public and private settings.
Edited by Len Phillips with sources cited
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GCE: 6-1601

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