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Today, stormwater regulations nation-wide are becoming far more stringent, and, as a result, owners of large tracts of land such as college campuses are being required to allocate additional land area to construct (and larger operational budgets to maintain) additional stormwater infrastructure. At the same time, campuses across the country are expanding their sustainability missions to include environmentally-responsible management of water and stormwater. To meet campus sustainability goals, new campus projects are focusing on incorporating low-impact development techniques, rainwater harvesting systems, and landscape-integrated stormwater management features into their site designs. To comprehensively address the variety of stormwater management issues, college and university planning and operations staff must work together to address stormwater as part of the campus’ larger master planning efforts. Addressing stormwater as part of a master plan can identify opportunities to integrate stormwater within the landscape and site stormwater facilities that make the most sense in terms of phasing, environmental impact, capital costs, maintenance and operations costs, and aesthetics.
Boston, MA
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Sustainable Development & Design
Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. To understand the basics of managing stormwater in the context of evolving stormwater regulations and sustainability initiatives.
2. To help identify who should consider developing a stormwater master plan, and to evaluate the benefits and challenges associated with developing a stormwater master plan.
3. To demonstrate a general approach to stormwater master planning, including using low impact development techniques, optimizing sustainable stormwater management on individual project sites, and centralizing flood storage regionally.
4. To present two stormwater master plan case studies, and share the outcomes and lessons learned from each.
Judith Nitsch and Nicole Holmes
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