Land Surveying and GIS – What, When, and Why!

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A presentation for non-surveyors about the different types of land surveys and how to go about acquiring those services necessary for specific projects. Topics covered can include property line retracement surveys, data accumulation (topographic utility) surveys, ALTA/ACSM title insurance surveys, construction surveys, high definition (laser scanning) surveys, high-precision surveys, interior building surveys, aerial photogrammetry controls and surveys, bridge and infrastructure surveys, historic harbor line and wetlands delineation surveys, hydrographic surveys, railroad right-of-way surveys, route surveys, and GIS. We’ll discuss what questions to ask in the proposal phase of the project to obtain a survey that meets your needs without over- or under-scoping. We will also discuss various technologies and methods available, such as laser scanning and GIS, and how their appropriate use can impact the quality and cost of the final survey deliverable. Not all surveys need to be performed to the same level of accuracy, and understanding the accuracies involved will determine the proper technology and approach for your project.
Boston, MA
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1. To learn about the various types of surveys, and the right questions to ask to avoid over- or under-scoping a project at the outset.
2. To learn about the accuracies of surveys and how accuracy requirements greatly impact survey costs.
3. To learn about how the same survey can be generated at various levels of detail to be most beneficial to the ultimate project goals.
4. To learn about modern survey equipment, including laser scanning, and how the appropriate use of these various tools can be beneficial to your project.
Ken Strom
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