Demystifying the Permitting Process: Getting Projects Built in Boston

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Boston has a reputation for being a tough-to-build-in-town. But that’s not necessarily true: it’s all about knowing the process and the nuances. Real estate development in the City of Boston is a complex web involving developers, real estate attorneys, lenders, the design team (architects, landscape architects, engineers, etc.), construction managers, and many others. The City’s permitting process is straightforward in some ways and mystical in others … and it involves a myriad of intangible issues that need addressing. Design is one of the issues that can become a stumbling block. This session will address the components and intricacies of developing in Boston. What permits are required? What is a realistic permitting schedule? When do you approach the City? Who do you approach? What are the City’s primary concerns? What are the neighborhood’s primary concerns? How has economy impacted lending practices? How do you educate your client? How do you mitigate pitfalls? How has Article 32 impacted design? How has Article 37 impacted design?
Boston, MA
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Learning Outcomes
1. To understand the City of Boston permitting process of who needs to get what permits from what departments and in what sequence
2. To understand the role and responsibilities of the Boston Redevelopment Authority in project development and approvals
3. To understand the City’s and neighborhood’s priorities
4. To understand how the permitting process can impact project development
John Schmid, PE, LEED AP, Nitsch Engineering
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