Leadership and Climate Change

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Healthy ecosystems have specific social, economic, and environmental building blocks, and consequently underprivileged communities and fragile ecosystems pose unique challenges. To address these issues, we identify the stakeholders with unique expertise or existing investments in tackling these problems (maximizing available resources), and build a roadmap for how to engage those stakeholders effectively, crossing institutional, policy, governmental and business silos.
Future disruptions loom: climate change has recently been declared Public Health Enemy No. 1.
The participants will discuss how to identify and mitigate future disruptive forces, and how to model action plans three dimensionally, looking for signals that provide guidance. We will also discuss recent research, relevant case studies, and emerging technologies that will play a role in addressing climate change. Program participants will take away adaptive tools for disentangling the complex web of our toughest challenges, and meeting the most pressing leadership needs of the next century.
Cambridge, MA
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
• Identify principles for collaboration to address climate change between disparate stakeholders.
• Distinguish the social, economic, and environmental building blocks of healthy ecosystems.
• Diagnose the challenges posed by underprivileged communities and fragile ecosystems.
• Identify stakeholders with unique expertise or existing investments so as to maximize available resources and avoid duplicating efforts.
• Identify current and future potential disruptive forces, as far as we can.
• Model action plans three dimensionally and looking for signals that provide guidance.
• Examine recent research and relevant case studies.
• Discuss emerging technologies and the role they may play in the future of addressing climate change.
Thomas D. Kearns, FAIA, LEED AP
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Harvard University Graduate School of Design

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