Truly Inclusive? The Reward of Thrill in Universal Play Designs

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This presentation focuses on inclusive play in outdoor playgrounds. Based on observations, interviews and research in a universal design public playground and a playground at a school for children with disabilities, we have deducted a series of recommendations for inclusive, universal play design for all abilities. One of the main considerations of the presentation is that we do harm when we underestimate the abilities of children with disabilities. As all other children, they love the thrill of physical play such as spinning, sliding, and swinging. The presentation will go through cases of good universal playground designs and functional playground equipment design features. Finally, we will touch upon working within the framework of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and beyond.
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Learning Outcomes
1. Learn key elements of inclusive play and universal design, based on observations and research with users and care givers.
2. Get new insights on playground planning and play equipment functionality.
3. Learn about the policy dimension of planning inclusive playgrounds, beyond the ADA.
4. Get an adult user perspective on accessibility and usability in public play areas.
5. Learn how the landscape architect can implement policies and insights of users in the final solution.
6. Understand how to advocate for standard solutions that fit all user groups.
Jeanette Fich Jespersen, Head, KOMPAN Play Institute, VP of the European Child Friendly Cities Network; Ken Dobyns, Business Development Manager, Specification, Sales, KOMPAN Playground Solutions
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