Advanced Project Management: The Power of Project Leadership (RV-11315)

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This course should look at project management and leadership, then go into the fundamental leadership mistakes made by project managers and how to remedy them. Throughout, actionable tips and recommendations should be provided to enhance the user's skill set in project leadership. The course is geared for active project practitioners with experience in managing projects and mid- to senior-level managers. The course will provide information that can be applied to current projects, allowing for introspection. New project managers, or those aspiring to lead projects, however can benefit from the course by learning about the skill set required by effective project leaders.
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Project Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course you will be able to the following:
Describe management and leadership, as well as classify their differences and recognize the importance of both in relation to projects.
Apply the Theory X and Theory Y, as well as the situational leadership models in project management situations.
Recognize the three fundamental leadership mistakes of project managers and use recommended tools and techniques to avoid them.
Explain the project leadership matrix and recognize how your project leadership effectiveness is measured.
List the seven competencies for effective project leadership.Explain the importance of project leadership and change management as methods for delivering successful projects.
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