Long-Term Performance of Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements (PICP)

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This webinar demonstrates site, construction, and owner considerations required for long-term infiltration and structural performance of permeable interlocking concrete pavements (PICP). The presentation focuses on older successful projects and the reasons for their continued performance. Guidelines will be provided on how to assure long-term surface infiltration and underdrain outflow using various infiltration tests and inspection and remedial methods. Checklists will be included from those in the new ASCE book, Permeable Pavements and the draft ASCE national guideline on PICP design, construction and maintenance. The presentation covers preventive and restorative maintenance of surface infiltration and how to address settlement, utility maintenance, and vehicle-induced rutting from normal use. This webinar is for stormwater regulatory officials, road agencies, and design professionals.
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1. List key factors in PICP design and construction that work in favor of long-term hydrologic and structural performance.
2. Understand the sources and mechanics of surface sedimentation of permeable pavements and implications on reduced surface infiltration over time.
3. Identify three surface infiltration test methods and when they should be used to asses when PICP surface cleaning is needed.
4. Recognize different types of surface distresses related to structural deficiencies and possible ways on how to remediate them.
David Smith, Technical Director
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