Community Engagement as an Essential Component for Sustainable Design

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The presentation focuses on case studies including Boeddeker Park to illustrate how community engagement and partnerships in the design, operation and stewardship of a park are critical to achieving a truly sustainable design.

Before the rebuild, Boeddeker Park was an unsafe and underutilized park in San Francisco’s poorest, most dense and diverse neighborhood. Trust for Public Land, San Francisco Recreation and Parks together with city officials, partners, and community groups completed the renovation of this 1-acre park. The transformation of Boeddeker Park was one of the first Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) projects to achieve certification, and also created Tenderloin’s signature open space that serves 50,000 people who live within a 10-minute walk.

These project types can become game changers for a neighborhood by providing multiple benefits to the community well beyond the open space.
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Learning Outcomes
1. Discuss the process for community engagement and public-private partnerships in the entire lifecycle of a project – from project scoping and concept design through operations and stewardship after project completion.
2. Discuss the benefits and challenges of having many partners involved in the planning, design and funding of a public project.
3. Discuss success and challenges for implementation of sustainable design features.
Alejandra Chiesa, ASLA, PLA, LEED
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