Advanced Project Management: Understanding the Project, Program, and Portfolio Architecture

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Project and construction managers are at the leading edge of delivering benefits to an organization. But how does one’s efforts fit in the bigger picture? And why do you even need to know the bigger picture? This interactive, online course will define project, program and portfolio management, as well as explore the key differences and interactions. This course will also introduce you to the concept of benefits realization management and how the project, program, and portfolio hierarchy can be used to bring strategy to life and ensure more successful projects. This course will help professionals both new to, and experienced in, project management. Whether you’re new to project management, or have been practicing it for some time, understanding the hierarchy of project, program and portfolio management will help you take your skills to the next level.
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Project Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Define project management, program management, and portfolio management and recognize the differences and relationships between the three areas
Conceptually apply the processes and knowledge areas of project management, program management, and portfolio management to work you currently manage
Define what benefits realization management and appraise how you can use it to deliver benefits more effectively in your projects
Identify how projects, programs, and portfolios enable organizations to turn strategy into actionable components
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