The Environmental and Economic Benefits of Trees in Urban Environments

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Urban trees for an essential element of the green infrastructure of our cities however it can often be difficult to articulate and quantify the environmental benefits that can be provided by urban trees.

This webinar will provide an overview of the benefits that trees provide in urban environments and discuss two case from London, UK and California, USA that quantify these benefits.

Participants will gain an understanding of the key drivers associated with the need for green infrastructure and the current trends in urban tree populations.

The webinar will provide an overview of the economic and environmental benefits provided by urban trees including energy savings, carbon storage, improved air quality, stormwater management, and even impacts on property values.

The benefits will be highlighted through the examination of two case studies. The first case study will look at the value of London's urban forests and the second case study will examine the value of street trees in California.

Participants will also be introduced to free peer reviewed modelling tools available to evaluate the benefits of trees at any site.
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Horticulture / Plants
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Gain an understanding of the key drivers associated with the need for green infrastructure and urban tree populations.
2. Be able to identify and describe the benefits of the urban forests.
3. Understand and describe the value proposition for investment into urban trees.
4. Gain an understanding of tools available to model the benefits of urban trees.
5. Understand and describe the two case studies on the value of urban trees.
James McGregor, Masters in Business and Technology, Electrical Engineer
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