Advanced Project Management: Converting Strategy Into Action (RV-11306)

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All strategic change in an organization, any organization, takes place through projects and programs. To ensure that the strategic change results in the desired outcomes, however, takes planning, thought, and focus. In short, to get effective strategic change you need to have an effective strategic plan. Through an effective strategic plan, you are better postured to ensure that the projects and programs that are implemented create the future envisioned for your organization, be it increased profit or manufacturing of a new product. This interactive, online course is intended to change that mindset by helping you understand that to generate the outcomes any organization intends, or desires, requires direction via an actionable strategic plan. The course is intended for any engineer, project or program manager, engineering manager or executive who wants to understand strategic planning via a simple process that will replace chance and luck with specific goals, objectives, and action initiatives.
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Project Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Differentiate and define the components of an effective strategic plan
List the process for strategic development and apply it in your organization
Explain a simple technique for selecting goals and objectives and apply it to your organization
Classify a goal, an objective and an action initiative and be better able to choose each for your organization’s strategyApply the process for determining what’s important now to your organization, then identify core issues and key drivers that must be addressed to achieve desired outcomes.
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