High Performance Landscapes: Protecting and Restoring Soil Health in Urban Landscapes (RV-10958)

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Healthy soils are the foundation of a sustainable high performance landscape. Traditional design and construction practices often undermine the ability of soils to provide ecosystem services such as stormwater management, optimal plant growth, nutrient cycling, pollutant removal and water conservation. New thinking in the way we build and manage our soils is required for the future health and well-being of humanity. The importance of soils and its many ecosystem services has become more widely recognized and is now a component of green building certification systems such as LEED and SITES. Professionals who understand the basic principles of soil science and its relevance to landscape performance are better equipped to assist projects in achieving economic and environmental benefits. This course will provide an overview of soil science specific to the landscape design and construction industry, as well as the information needed to improve the overall performance of the site through strategic soil preservation and restoration practices.
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Urban Planning & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, you will be able to:
Discuss the basic principles of soil science and the importance of healthy soils for sustainable, high performance landscape
Identify resources and practices for evaluating soil conditions relevant to rural and urban ecosystems
Recognize current construction and maintenance practices that damage soil performance in regards to plant growth, carbon sequestration and stormwater management
Apply landscape design and construction strategies that protect soil and encourage healthy soil ecosystems
Describe common issues associated with urban soils and provide strategies for restoring soil health and function
Apply maintenance practices that protect and maintain soil health
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