Technical Performance of Inorganic Soil Amendments for Water Conservation

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This presentation will demonstrate the importance of soil quality as a means to increase watering efficiency and reduce irrigation. Various organic and inorganic amendments will be discussed as well as Internally Porous Inorganic Amendments (IPIA’s). These IPIA’s are made from calcined clay, calcined diatomaceous earth, or zeolite, creating a non-biodegradable porous structure that is well suited to address soil-water issues. The presentation compares the makeup and origin of many amendments and how this will allow designers to target specific soil improvements. Our narrative is shaped by scientific evidence from research, field trials, and soil reports; while illustrating a host of practical applications in sports fields, rooftops, bioswales, landscapes, roadside plantings, and more. Participants will see benefits, rates, and costs of amendments that can be considered to help deliver water beyond the surface to the roots.
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Learning Outcomes
1. Learn to distinguish the differences between various amendments, and how origin and internal structure physically regulate modes of action and best uses; including rates and cost.

2. Learn how porous inorganics can increase nutrient retention to reduce fertilizer and to improve plant available water which reduces irrigation.

3. Learn the degree to which porous inorganics influence soil performance and improve plant health, root development and water conservation in existing and engineered soils through a variety of applications.

4. Learn that soils can be easily manipulated to manage soil water and improve water conservation.
George Serill
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