Evaluating the Therapeutic Effects of Design Elements

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A Case Study of the Rosecrance Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center's Healing Garden

This presentation examines the potential to create environments benefiting individuals’ health, both mental and physical. Over the last twenty years, studies have shown the profound impact the environment can have on one’s overall health and well being. However, little research demonstrates how specific design elements achieve therapeutic goals and enhance the healing process. The first part of this presentation is a case study that examines which landscape elements successfully contribute to the benefits of a healing garden, as it relates to the definition of a therapeutic landscape, and which elements do not. The second component includes recommendations for designing therapeutic spaces.
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Healthcare & Therapeutic Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
•Attendees will learn how post occupancy evaluations can benefit their clients and enhance their performance on future projects and how case studies can be a useful tool when performing post occupancy evaluations.
•Attendees will gain insight into which particular design elements most effectively achieve the desired positive results of a “therapeutic landscape” for patients, families and staff.
•Attendees will become familiar with design recommendations and guidelines for use in designing a healing garden or therapeutic space.
Jessy Bergeman
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