Compost Science and Engineered Soils

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Starting with a tour of an active commercial composting facility we will provide a first hand experience and understanding of compost and how it is made.
We will cover all aspects of manufacturing compost starting with the fundamentals of compost science digging deep into the biological and chemical elements. With this base of knowledge we will then discuss raw feedstock materials, compost recipes, compost processing, storage and handling.
Following the tour we will cover Engineered Soils in greater detail. Engineered soils not only provide the growing medium for aesthetically pleasing landscapes but also play critical roles in stormwater management, reduction of irrigation requirements, mitigating heat island effects and in certain cases provide thermodynamic insulation properties. The implementation of engineered soils is a rapidly evolving practice, and as such, the current state of specifications in the field are divergent and constantly advancing. This course will provide perspective on what constitutes a quality engineered soil, how it is made, how it works, as well as recommendations for writing the most effective specifications.
Landenberg, PA
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Horticulture / Plants
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Understanding the proper application usage of compost products for general landscaping, engineered soils and water protection/conservation

Understanding the evolution of engineered soils and their different applications

How to identify, analyze and purchase quality sources of compost

Understanding and creating effective specifications for compost and engineered soils

The scientific and practical benefits created with engineered soils

Trends in soil and site and green building best management practices

During the tour we will cover:

Compost feedstocks and different compost recipes

The compost processing lifecycle

Compost storage and handeling

Understanding the biological and chemical elements of compost.

Myth bust industry misperceptions about compost.

Learn what soluble salts really are, how they effect compost performance and how to set parameter ranges in specifications

Jacob Chalfin
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