Advanced Project Management: Sustainability in Project Management (RV-11292)

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Confirming that sustainability concepts are designed into a project from the beginning ensures that project sponsors and owners receive the maximum value, either through reduced project costs or through reduced life cycle costs. This interactive online course will teach you the principles of sustainability and how you can use this basic knowledge to increase the value in the projects you manage. You will also learn about the effects of climate change on projects and how to properly address the risks that arise from climate change. Additionally you will learn how sustainability can be integrated into traditional project management by addressing each of PMI’s five project management process groups and eleven knowledge areas.
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Discuss climate change adaptation considerations required during project initiation, and apply the climate change risk management approach to projects Identify sustainability factors you can apply to developing or refining a projects business cases Articulate sustainable development factors that will increase the benefits achieved through your project Recognize and apply sustainable development factors across the traditional project management process groups and knowledge areas Describe how project quality can be enhanced through application of sustainable development concepts and how life cycle costs for a building or infrastructure project can be lowered Identify sustainable development factors that will allow you to achieve cost and schedule efficiencies, while also reducing the impact on the environment Discuss the basic sustainability principles, concepts, and theories as they apply to building and infrastructure projects
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