Advanced Project Management: Integrated Project Delivery (RV-11293)

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Integrated Project Delivery is a construction delivery method that leverages a number of current trends to increase productivity and the speed of project delivery. This interactive online course will teach you about the importance of IPD’s foundation of relational contracts, as well as the main ingredients that include a high-level of communications and collaboration and a no-fault work environment, from project charette through building commissioning. You will also learn about the roles that lean construction processes and building information modeling play in performing, as well as recognize that IPD has many of the traits of construction delivery systems that are compatible with green building certification systems
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Define Integrated Project Delivery and explain the main components of this method, recognizing its difference from traditional project delivery methods.
List the eight steps of the typical integrated project process and describe what each step entails.
Recognize the importance of team activities, quality of work and services, the management of risk, and the roles and responsibilities of the key actors in success. Integrated Project Delivery efforts.Describe what lean processes and building information modeling are and explain its role in Integrated Project Delivery.
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