Suburban Street Stormwater Retrofitting: An Introduction for Improving Residential Rights-of-Way

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This LATIS introduces readers to design and implementation strategies for stormwater retrofitting within suburban street rights-of-way. Street stormwater retrofitting is a Green Street design approach that embraces low impact development (LID) principles to treat stormwater runoff within the paved areas of existing roadways. In essence, street stormwater retrofits mimic the function of natural systems to mitigate the potentially harmful effects to water and air quality that streets can present.

Depending upon their extent within the built environment, street stormwater retrofits can perform these functions across a variety of scales and have the potential to greatly affect positive environmental change when implemented across large areas. In addition to promoting responsible and healthy stormwater management practices, these green infrastructure amenities offer residential communities a wide array of benefits including neighborhood beautification, vehicular traffic calming, and pedestrian and bicycle safety.
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Sustainable Development & Design
Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Appreciate the issues, impacts, and consequences of overly auto-dominated residential streets.

2. Identify essential criteria to study and assess the applicability of street stormwater retrofitting within potential candidate neighborhoods and streets.

3. Understand basic street stormwater retrofitting conditions, considerations, and standards.

4. Recognize primary regulatory and programmatic water quality drivers that guide, support, and enhance street stormwater retrofitting activities.
Andrew A. Fox, ASLA, Jim Cooper, ASLA
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