Residential Green Remodeling: Design, Construction, and Certification (RV-10858)

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This course will introduce residential construction professionals to green building and renovation strategies, practices, and materials. In addition to its positive environmental impacts, green building ultimately results in a healthier and a more affordable home for clients. If a program is implemented effectively, it's also good for the residential remodeler's financial bottom line. The green building and remodeling market continues to grow, providing great opportunities for building professionals to develop and expand their businesses. This course provides a comprehensive discussion of the unique aspects of green remodeling with a focus on building evaluation, deconstruction, handling of hazardous waste, materials recycling and reuse, energy conservation, indoor air quality, use of environmentally safe products, design principles, system planning, and construction best practices. The course also provides an overview of green building certification programs, green building professional accreditation programs, and incentives available from government agencies and utilities.
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By the end of this course, you will be able to:
Discuss the overall benefits of green remodeling including the reduction of operating costs by increasing efficiency, conserving natural resources, reducing waste, and improving indoor air quality.
List criteria used to assess a building to identify issues and limitations of the existing structure.
Recall general design goals applicable to all green building projects, such as ensuring durability, considering air quality, and designing for a sustainable lifestyle.
Discuss the process of green remodeling by room type and function, including water and energy efficiency, usage, and control.
List certification options for green building professionals and for green homes including LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), NAHB (National Association of Home Builders Certification), and individual state and regional programs.
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