Modern Roundabout Design: Designing Safe Intersections (RV-10878)

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Modern roundabouts reduce 75% of the conflicts at traditional 4-leg intersections, significantly improving the operations and safety of intersecting roadways. To promote the use of roundabouts the Federal Highway Administration has recently made them a key element of the Every Day Counts initiative to improve safety on roadways throughout the U.S. Since then, state DOTs and local agencies have increased their need for the development of modern roundabouts. This course will provide a fundamental overview to guide engineers in the development of modern roundabout designs.
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Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course you will be able to:
Describe the main characteristics of modern roundabouts and their operational and safety advantages over other types of circular intersections
Explain how modern roundabouts reduce intersection conflicts and the severity of vehicular crashes
Select the appropriate type of modern roundabout design based on intersection traffic volumes
Calculate the safety benefits of modern roundabouts using crash reduction and financial estimates
Estimate the environmental and financial benefits of modern roundabouts using vehicular idle times and their relationship to carbon emissions
Determine roundabout capacity and level of service using the 2010 Highway Capacity Manual methodology
Identify the key geometric design features for single lane, multilane and mini roundabouts
Design roundabout features that promote vehicular and pedestrian safety by reducing vehicular travel speeds
Describe how landscape and architectural aesthetic features within roundabouts can improve safety by increasing driver awareness
Design roundabout features to provide accessibility for pedestrians with adequate geometry for wheelchair users
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