Introduction to Designing a Successful Splash Pad

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"Introduction to Designing a Successful Splash Pad," was developed to provide a Landscape Architect the information that they can use when working with a community who is looking to have a splash pad designed and installed. The Landscape Architect is provided information about the various types of splash pads (dry basin, wet basin, interactive water spray). Information is presented that allows the Landscape Architect to be aware of the factors that most municipalities are considering when they begin talking about a splash pad (cost, health & safety, accessibility, sustainability, etc.). Cities can be provided information about the benefits of having a splash pad included in their community. Discussions on target audience, environmental factors, as well as site selection and surface materials are discussed as part of this presentation. Information on water management systems (recirculating and potable) are discussed and information provided to pursue LEED certification.
New York, NY
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1 - Learner will be able to discuss with the community, the benefits (cost; health, safety and accessibility; sustainability, and possible revitalization of parks by having a splash pad design included in the plans for the city.
2 - The learner will be able to provide guidance to the client when decisions concerning Surface Materials begins to take place.
3 - Learner will understand the effects of various water toys will have on the overall cost of the project and how to suggest more cost effective features in order to help their client stay within their proposed budget.
4 - Learner will be able to discuss the options for placement of equipment and how placement of equipment can impact the client's budget.
Gerald E. Nelms, M. Ed., Ed. S.
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