Breaking Urban: Designing for the Community

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Breaking Urban: Designing for the Community
September 29, 2017
Delaware Center for Horticulture, Wilmington DE
Co-sponsored by University of Delaware BLA Program, Delaware Center for Horticulture, and Delaware Nature Society
Symposium planned and executed by UD BLA students in PLSC 332, Landscape Architecture Symposium

More than half the world’s population live in cities and that number is expected to grow to 66% by 2050. We have learned that people need a connection to plants and natural areas for health and wellness. Can landscape architecture respond to this changing dynamic to create urban spaces for people to live and thrive? This symposium will follow creation of vibrant urban landscapes from conception, through design and installation as well as address management concerns. We will focus on the importance of community involvement in the entire process. Join the University of Delaware Landscape Architecture program as we explore urban design with a diverse and engaging set of speakers. Our program will take place in the newly renovated Delaware Center for Horticulture, where student design work will be on display. The day will culminate with a reception and tour held at the Delaware Nature Society DuPont Environmental Education Center on the waterfront.
Wilmington, DE
Distance Learning
Course Equivalency
Agriculture / Local Food Production
Business Practices / Contracts / HR
Campus Planning & Design
Development Trends
Energy Conservation / Renewable Energy
Green Roofs
Healthcare & Therapeutic Design
Historic Preservation
Horticulture / Plants
Housing & Community Design
Parks & Recreation
Project Management
Remediation / Brownfields
Residential Design
Rural Landscape
Security Design
Site Planning
Sustainable Development & Design
Technology / CADD / GIS
Urban Planning & Design
Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Participants will understand the role of community engagement in successful urban design.
2. Participants will follow the phases of site design from planning and design through implementation and maintenance.
3. Participants will get inspiration for urban projects from successful projects in Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY, Wilmington, DE and Portland, OR
Jeff Flynn, Economic Development, DE; Bryan Hanes, Studio l Bryan Hanes, Philadelphia, PA; Mark Lakeman, CityRepair, Portland, OR; Anna Wik, University of Delaware; Karen Washington, Rise and Root Farm, New York, NY; Bill Duncan, White Oak Landscaping, DE
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