Porcelain Pavers: The Outdoor Design Solution

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This class will provide the audience an understanding of the extra-thick porcelain tile (sometime referred as 2cm or 20mm), designed for exterior installations in residential and commercial application. The participants will learn how this product is made, its technical characteristics, and the opportunity it offers for outdoor applications in terms of design and superior technical and structural characteristics.
The class will also learn the various installation methods: dry installation, such as on grass, sand, and on gravel, direct bonded installation and as a raised floor system. The learning of the installation methods will be reinforced with short videos.
During the presentation, participants will learn also how the product contributes to a green outdoor design that respect the environment and promote an healthy lifestyle.
The presentation will end with several photos of real installation to incentivize participants to discover the true design potential of this product and promote creativity.
Charleston, SC
Distance Learning
Course Equivalency
Housing & Community Design
Parks & Recreation
Residential Design
Sustainable Development & Design
Urban Planning & Design
Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1) Outdoor porcelain tile: what is it and how it is made.
2) Features and Benefits of outdoor porcelain tile and its green side.
3) Installation methods with short videos.
4) Design ideas for outdoor spaces in residential and commercial applications.
Williams B Pontel, Amy McMacken, Lonnie Nortman, Tracy Robertson
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Mohawk Ind.

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