Incorporating the Top Trends for Residential Landscape Design into New and Renovated Homes

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In winter 2014, ASLA polled residential landscape architects about the estimated popularity of various design elements for 2014. This presentation will introduce the most popular design features sought out by homeowners and will identify how landscape architects can incorporate such features into their projects. Landscape features include water and fire elements and outdoor kitchens, as well as environmentally-progressive design elements for lighting, irrigation and small-scale stormwater management techniques.
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1. Participants will be introduced to various outdoor kitchens, systems and styles and learn how to provide necessary infrastructure for outdoor kitchens in new and existing homes.
2. Participants will be exposed to various stormwater management devices for residential homes, including drywells, underwater storage tanks, rain barrels and rain gardens and learn how to best assess a site for the right stormwater management system.
3. Participants will understand how to best accommodate a site for food gardens, fire pits, water features and other oft-requested landscape features.
4. Participants will be introduced to various eco-friendly practices in landscape design, including permeable paving, drip irrigation and LED lighting - and understand when their use is appropriate.
Jennifer Horn, RLA, ASLA
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