Professional Standard of Care - Proof & Defense (RV-7425)

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This 2-hour interactive online course contains 12 case summaries of court decisions in which contractors and other parties sued design professionals and the courts considered the question of whether the design firm had potential liability for negligent acts, errors and omissions. Several of the cases emphasize the necessity of expert witness testimony. Other cases address bad faith decisions in evaluating change order requests, negligent supervision or monitoring of construction, practicing without a license, code violations, and various aspects of proving and defending claims. The summaries are written concisely and in language to emphasize the practical application of the cases.
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Learning Outcomes
After completing this course, you will be able to:
•Describe litigation theories that are argued against design professionals.
•Explain how the courts have evaluated potential liability in the context of breach of the professional standard of care.
•Illustrate potential litigation strategies to utilize in court or in arbitration.
•Define the term “standard of care”.
•List what is needed to prove liability.
•Describe what is needed to defend against claims that the design firm did not meet the required standard of care.
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