Risk Management for the Design Professional: Basic Principles (RV-7349)

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The written material presented in this 2-hour interactive online course presents basic principles of risk management for design professionals. These are more fully elaborated upon in the Intermediate Level (3 credit) and the Advanced Level (5 credit) courses available through RedVector.com and written by J. Kent Holland, Esq., Director of Risk Management Services for the design professional liability unit of Arch Insurance Group, Inc., and Of Counsel with the construction law firm of Wickwire Gavin, P.C.

From his insurance company experience assisting design professionals in managing their risks and defending against claims, as well as his experience with the law firm in representing contractors and design professionals, Mr. Holland has selected key areas for discussion (with real-world examples) that have significant impact on risk management from a design professional's perspective. The areas that are covered include Communication, Email, Documentation and Reports, Certifications, Site Safety Responsibility and Liability, Insurance and Key Contract Terms and Conditions.
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At the conclusion of this course, you will learn:
•General principles and advanced principles of design professional risk management
•The risks inherent in performing professional services, including the management of communication, documentation (particularly email and other electronic documentation) and reports
•The responsibility and liability that a design professional may have for site safety
•Several significant clauses contained in the terms and conditions of the professional services agreement that impact risk and may create uninsurable risk
•Insurance as a risk management tool and several significant aspects and limitations in professional liability coverage.
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