Risk Managing Communication, Documentation & Reports (RV-7193)

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This 2-hour interactive online course reviews and analyzes risks of communication, documentation and report writing. It explores some of the risks of communication and documentation by design professionals and other parties involved on the construction project. Topics covered include: (a) records to be maintained, (b) using clear, concise and temperate language, (c) putting recommendations in writing, (d) contract negotiation documentation, (e) client-provided data, (f) web-based document management, (g) shop drawings, (h) responding to document requests during litigation, (i) records retention policies, (j) organizing electronic files, (k) how long to maintain records, (l) e-mail, (m) ownership of documents, and (n) controlling CADD files.
Distance Learning
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Business Practices / Contracts / HR
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of this course, the student will:
•Be familiar with the legal and practical importance of maintaining well-organized documents during the regular course of business.
•Understand the importance of putting recommendations into writing, and using clear, concise and temperate language in all communication and documentation -- both external and internal.
•Have a better knowledge of what records to maintain and which should be destroyed and when.
•Better understand the management of e-mail, electronic and CADD files.
•Be able to better prepare and maintain documentation during design and construction of a project so as to improve communication during the performance of services, thereby reducing disputes both during the performance of services and after the job has been completed.
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