Time Management for Designers (RV-4121)

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This 6-hour online course addresses the special time management challenges faced by designers in professions such as architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, planning, and others. These problems are the basis for widespread perceptions that designers are poor time managers and the expectation that designers will have trouble meeting deadlines.

However, these designers' time management problems are also sufficiently different from those discussed in the many books and seminars on time management that are aimed at either managers or the general public. So designers must study 'their' problems to better understand them and find appropriate remedies.

This course helps participants examine symptoms, consequences, and causes of designers' time management problems, and discusses a number of remedies. It will show that these difficulties typically are not caused by one single variable but by many interacting factors related to the work designers do (design problems and their nature), the way designers approach their work (process), the work environment, as well as the outlook and intrinsic habits and frailties of designers themselves.

This course helps students carry out the needed analysis and to develop effective, realistic implementation plans for turning poor time management practices into more effective and productive habits. This includes the design of useful time management tools ('planners') for the specific needs of designers.

The presentation includes diagrams and examples of time management tools. At the end of each chapter there will be a brief test that summarizes the main points discussed.
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Learning Outcomes
This course aims to:
•Increase your awareness and understanding of
- time management problems in general;
- time management problems faced by designers in particular;
- the differences between them;
- their symptoms, consequences, and causes.
•Enable you to analyze your own situation so as to recognize specific time management concerns and challenges for that situation;
•Increase your awareness, understanding of remedies for these challenges as they apply to your specific situation;
•Increase your ability to develop and apply appropriate strategies, procedures and tools to improve your designers' time management effectiveness.
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