Designing Trees into the Urban Landscape & Integrating Stormwater Management

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Using urban trees as green infrastructure for our cities is arguably the most sustainable stormwater management solution available. The possibilities that exist to turn stormwater runoff from a hindrance to an opportunity are limitless. This presentation uses GreenBlue Urban’s 25 years of field experience, in conjunction with world-renowned researchers such as the University of Abertay Dundee and E2 Design Labs, to examine the opportunities available for integrating street tree planting with stormwater management systems for truly sustainable urban landscapes. Referred to as our “3P Approach,” this seminar reviews how landscape architects can Plan, Provide, and Protect green infrastructure in our cities to create truly sustainable urban landscapes.
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Sustainable Development & Design
Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Understand how integrating stormwater with urban tree planting benefits the landscape infrastructure
2. Learn about options for urban streetscape systems in the design of sustainable landscapes
3. Gain understanding of what is being achieved on a global scale utilizing these design techniques
Jeremy Bailey, Senior Consultant, GreenBlue Urban
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