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The Sustainability of Stainless Steel for Elevated Pools, Spas, and Water Feature Construction
Start Date 05/12/2017
End Date 05/11/2019
Description Provides an overview of stainless steel pools, spas, and water features, with a close look at stainless steel and its performance characteristics, and the aspects of stainless steel pools that make them an environmentally friendly choice.
Distance Learning Yes
Course Equivalency No
Subjects Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare No
Hours 1.0
Learning Outcomes 1. Describe the alloys in stainless steel types 304 and 316, and explain how these alloys contribute to the durability of a stainless steel vessel

2. List four characteristics of stainless steel that lead to its contribution to sustainability

3. Describe the steps during the manufacture of stainless steel pools that ensure watertightness and longevity

4. List the reasons why stainless steel pools in high-rise construction are more operationally low-maintenance and durable
Instructors Author: Paul Greenman
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Course Codes gbp13a
Provider Ron Blank & Associates

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