Conflict Resolution: The Principles of Evidence - Intermediate (RV-6947)

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This 1-hour interactive online course provides an overview of the principles of evidence for the construction professional. Construction disputes are resolved by traditional litigation and alternative dispute resolution techniques such as arbitration and mediation. If you are a prime contractor, subcontractor, architect, engineer, construction manager, owner's representative, surety, insurance company, or otherwise involved in construction, it is highly likely that you will be a party to one or more construction disputes during your career. Also, you may be called as a witness to testify in a construction dispute even if you or your company are not parties in the dispute. This course will provide basic information to the construction professional to allow him or her to understand evidentiary concepts used during dispute resolution.
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Learning Outcomes
After completion of the course, you will:
•Understand the concepts of the burden of proof and burden of persuasion in construction litigation, arbitration, and mediation
•Understand the difference between a fact witness and an expert witness
•Understand the types of evidence - testimony, real evidence, and demonstrative evidence
•Be familiar with the basic principles of the Rules of Evidence
•Know how the basic principles of the Rules of Evidence are applied in construction litigation, arbitration, and mediation
•Understand the concept of hearsay
•Know the standard objections to evidence
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