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All Ages, All Abilities, All the Time: How Universal Design increases inclusion, social equity and social sustainability throughout park and play spaces.
Start Date 07/06/2017
End Date 07/06/2017
Description Parks today face the challenge of providing environments where all visitors can feel safe, secure and fully engaged. Universal design increases usability, safety, health and social participation. Participants will be introduced to the principles of Universal Design to create park and recreation spaces that encourage health and wellness for individuals of all ages and abilities. Participants will discover how applying the principles of universal design ultimately contribute to social equity and social sustainability. Ultimately contributing to the long term success of parks and communities.
Location Boca Raton, FL
Distance Learning No
Course Equivalency No
Subjects Parks & Recreation
Health, Safety and Welfare Yes
Hours 1.0
Learning Outcomes (1)Understand the definition of disability as defined by environmental conditions. (2)Identify the concepts of social equity and social sustainability and how they are supported by Universal Design. (3)Discuss the evolution of Universal Design compared to accessible design in the context of landscape architecture (4)Illustrate each principle of universal design and how they contribute to a park design that encourages inclusion. (5)Explain why the concepts of social equity and social sustainability are important to the long term success of parks. (6)
Instructors John McConkey
Website Registration
Course Codes 10631
Provider FL|ASLA

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